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Your struggles are your perceptions

Posted on August 15, 2020 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)
Your struggles and difficulties in life are in your perceptions, its that simple. Whether your life is going well and you are rich in abundance, love, and joy, or your life sucks and its a constant battle to overcome the struggles and difficulties, it all lies in your perceptions of life as you see it. Disease is the same thing, you perceived life with disease and you fulfilled that intention. Relationships, career, housing, anything, it just doesn't matter, how you perceive is what you get, as ... Read Full Post »

Reprogramming for success

Posted on June 14, 2020 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (1)
Research seems to indicate that people live their lives according to the programming they received at an early age. You are given a belief system of how life will be and generally you will follow it to the tee, for better or worse. Kinda like sheep or the blind leading the blind. When you feel your life is in conflict with your thinking it�??s about time to get new programming. The problem with that is people don�??t believe all that programming stuff and that your not a computer, so you cont... Read Full Post »

Angry and Hostile People

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It is called Aggressive Personality Disorder with Impulsive tendencies and is derived from a variety of other mental health issues ranging from Paranoid Schizoid, Narcissistic Personality disorder, and a big one would be Borderline Personality Disorder to mention just a few. It can be found in the DSM-IV and can be found to exhibit 1. pervasive patterns of negativistic attitudes of resistance to demands for adequate performance in a variety of contexts, 2. Impulsive aggression 3. unstable affect... Read Full Post »

Law of Attraction worked...

Posted on May 27, 2020 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)
Yesterday I meditated and asked to manifest some added money I needed and within hours I received money I had given a friend some time ago and was offered a job. All this happened in a matter of the same day. I was not specific about how or where the money would come from, but none the less it manifested. My thought was how did that happen and what if anything did I do differently. Here�??s what I arrived at, first I was sincere in my asking the universe and secondly I firmly believed it was ... Read Full Post »


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Now that you have moved mostly away from the Newtonian three dimensional world of past, present, and future, you understand infinite possibilities exist in the eternal now, staying present, and becoming no one, in no place, and in no time. When looking at the world with no time, it becomes easier to understand everything is now. You are living your past now and you can change it if you want, you are also living your future and it can be anything you design. The secret is to keep everything now. ... Read Full Post »


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Your energy field attracts back what your intentions are and or what you are trying to manifest, this impacts your ability to be Healed or not. Couple things need to happen to enlarge your energy field, you need to feel the gratitude of all you have and imagine already have received your desires, second you need to be pure other words not being attached to this three dimensional world of person, place, and time. Once your energy field ...

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Collapsing Time...

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If we can become no one, in no place, and in no time...we become able to collapse time, and healing and manifestation will find us. Along with that we need to have gratitude for all that we have and what we perceive to have. In Newtonian Physics it is three dimensional with person, place, and time. In Quantum Physics there is no past, present, or future...all time in now, the present, the eternal now. When we live in Survival we are living by the senses and using matter to change matter, and ... Read Full Post »


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Resistance to wellness seems to be more common than not.  Having worked in clinical psychology for forty three years and another ten years doing neuroscience research has made me aware of people's need to keep their illness as their identity, and seem unwilling to give it up even if there are healing options available.

I would like to offer several options in the form of coaching, consultation, workshops, speaking to individuals, small groups, or small businesses with a desire for ...

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Moving out of Lack can be a wonderful thought and plan but not always the simplest of things to do.  If you are like most Americans, you are living in Stress most of the time which makes it difficult to be creative.  You are probably focused on sutviving from sunup t sun down.  Where to get food and money for gas and even where will you stay or sleep tonite take up most of your brain's capacity, so getting out of Lack may consume more time than you imagine.  Here are a few...

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Common Sense Psychology

Posted on July 17, 2019 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (2)
Trying to be creative while you are under the pressure of survival is a difficult thing at best. Trying to maintain a positive outlook, attitude, disposition, and personality in general while trying to survive is a difficult thing at best. Wanting to grow and enrich your life and meditate and create intentions and more importantly wishes and desires is a task not easily obtained. The answer is trying to focus on the gratitude for what little we may have at the time. Your daily job is to find... Read Full Post »