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Where do our personalities come from..

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Do u think ur personality is like ur mother???s or father???s or a bit of both...where do u think ur personality came from and how was it developed...well, it also is part of ur belief system that u acquired as a small watching ur mother and father u started to mimic some of their traits, behaviors, actions, moods, temperament, and eventually their personalities. U accepted the belief that I am the son or daughter of my parents, therefore I am just like them..u reached a point in ur development that u bought the bill of good..u accepted the belief I am very much like them..u may have watched their anger, jealousies, selfishness, self centeredness, love, compassion, gratitude, happiness, success, failures..just all the moods and behaviors they had and incorporated some or a lot of that into who u is not is yet another belief system u accepted and soon it became hard wired into who u may have caused u some turmoil or maybe a lot of happiness...depends....ur personality eventually became a program that u run by, and possibly there r times u r trying to override it because it is in conflict with who u want to b...I have heard it said that u can???t change ur personality...well u is a set of neuron connections that can b pruned apart and rewired into becoming someone else...sounds weird but it???s not..we need to stop being uncomfortable and start living a happy and joyful life...this journey through life is not meant to be a struggle and no it does not require psychotherapy and years of treatment...neuroscience can explain the science and do the reprogramming...b well I am always available for Coaching/Consultation


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COMMON SENSE NEUROSCIENCE: WHAT IF u lived in ur truck or a trailer..what if u did not have great sums of money..what if ur truck was wearing out..what if u were pretty much over ur depression and the anxiety was behind u..what if the work u do now is what u create and is satisfying but doesn???t pay much...what if ur not an important person but a nice guy and kind...what if u don???t have a lot of friends but people generally like u...what if u have compassion and like helping others...what if u use to fish but not much any longer...what if dreams r harder to come by...what if u think ur funny...what if u just realized ur just a regular better and no worse than the next guy...what if u realize that u r a miracle, a son of the most high God, and a blessing to some..what if it???s ok to not get in ur own way and love life...can u accept who u r....without being famous and important....


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COMMON SENSE NEUROSCIENCE: LETTING GO is something we all have to do from time to time...letting go of bad influences, negative people, unhealthy habits, people who don???t support u, abusive ways, not doing ur best, following the wrong crowd, and on and on....u know what u have to let go of....the result is greater self respect, integrity, character, values, morals, and a greater self love and love for how u choose to live ur not about following another???s example but about finding ur own way....let go of those old beliefs and create a new is a beautiful thing...let go of the ugliness....


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COMMON SENSE PSYCHOLOGY: STRONG PEOPLE learn to become strong people by living from the inside out...they did not have to just float over life and not have to deal with encounters and situations but grow up fast and learn at an early age about emotions, decision making, and consequences early a sense they became little people with adult views far beyond their age...they may or may not have been mistreated, may or may not have experienced arguing and violent behavior as a child, they may have felt loved or maybe not, whatever their trauma in life they learned to deal with issues regardless of how much hurt they felt...they learned how to acquire defense mechanisms and survival skills to overcome obstacles...they learned about bravery when they were not brave, they learned about courage when they did not understand what being courageous was...they learned about compassion when the hurt became so bad....but they learned about self love in order to survive...these people r walking miracles, strong in character and person we all would be honored to know...when I pray each nite I pray for strong people and their journey in life...they r the safe keepers of the world...


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COMMON SENSE PSYCHOLOGY: POSSIBILITIES...we all have them but we don???t use them...we all talk about them but act as if they don???t exist...we might dream about them but never achieve them...our lives r full of possibilities but we act as if we r deprived and starved of well being...ignorance is an amazing thing seldom talked about...u say u r fully informed and an inlightened being and steadfast in ur beliefs, values, & politics..ha ha....there is information out here on the web from some amazing individuals with ideas, creations, & realizations that u need to here but won???t stop long enough to read and listen because ur so well informed about life already.. how could anybody offer u another insight u don???t already in the Matrix...running off of a programs u think is life and enjoying being down a rabbit hole...superficially living ur life and portraying love and compassion works while at a cocktail party...but ask urself why people live over seventy percent of their time in stress, depression, and anxiety...why is there Disease..the streets of Paris and LA r lined with tents of homeless people who r allowed to deficate on the sidewalks...Speaking diversity, intolerance, and aggression is normal reurteric today..while fulfilling ur role as a soccer unacceptable...ur assignment is to write ???compassion??? on the blackboard one hundred times...but then no one reads my blogs and listens to my podcasts anyway...u might get enlightened...


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COMMON SENSE NEUROSCIENCE: RESTRICTIONS r a limiting and disempowering set of rules that stifle our personal growth and progress in many different areas...the irony of the difficulty is that in most cases they r self inflicted....we put the restrictions on ourselves...thinking they will b for our best good....until the confines start to cut off our emotional circulation and we feel our backs r against the wall and we have lost our freedom and creativity....the resulting behavior is to remove all of them and get reacquainted with ourselves.....following a certain set of principals and being overly compulsive is not always a good thing....realizing in the Quantum Model infinite possibilities exist in our every moment....we r free to design ourselves and future however we wish.....Enjoy ur day and accept the beauty of who u r along with all its freedom living in a random universe...bwell Coaching Consulting Workshops Speaking


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COMMON SENSE NEUROSCIENCE: STAY FOCUSED...there is work to b done...a life to live...& service to give....sometimes we fall off the train & have to get up and back on the train..I don???t know if we get distracted or we lose our focus or we get angry & do the opposite or just fall back into our old distructive ways...but it happens..sometimes it may b for a matter of hours or days or weeks or even months...being able to catch it is important as early as an indication ur program may not b as strong or as far along as u b harder..actually do the work every day...don???t let ur hormones or feelings get in the way...stop being selfish & self centered...realize ur human, vulnerable, & don???t beat urself up...get ur intentions clear & ur goals in sight & reapply urself...the last thing I might mention is...what about ur support people...r they still there or did u distance from them setting up the fall...once u start breaking trusted patterns a fall is not far off..lastly, u got here through negative thinking...& it will take positive thinking to get ur health back...bwell Coaching Consulting Workshops Speaking


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COMMON SENSE NEUROSCIENCE: IT MATTERS if u get up in the matters if u go to matters if u play with ur matters if u eat a healthy matters if u stay healthy..if u help someone in need, if u help the homeless or the unemployed..the depressed, the sad, the matters if u go to matters if u believe in matters if u carve ur name in a tree..u were put on this planet with a purpose and u were given a gift only u possess...ur not here to squander ur life have it all b for not..u were created to the image and likeness of God...and that matters..we r here to b of service to others, not ourselves...ur value matters...u r a gift and a blessing...what r u doing with urs.......


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COMMON SENSE NEUROSCIENCE: LACK OF AWE GENERATES ANXIETY Neocortical Hardware Amygdaloid Neocortex may become Overactive Hyper vigilant Concerned with future Second guessing anything Responsible for Emotions Survival fight or flight Memory. emotional/traumatic It???s a processing factory from our Five senses Internal organs Outside stimuli Part of the LIMBIC system regulating anxiety as a result of little awe and wonder....


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COMMON SENSE PSYCHOLOGY: AWE can awaken us...revitalize our our senses...realize there is a greater intelligence...manifesting exists...Awe is a beautiful thing....but yet our lives become so mundane, routine, run of the mill, uninteresting...maybe we stop dreaming...or maybe we dream small dreams...what???s worse...maybe we no longer think our dreams r possible....our intentions can b we age maybe the vision in our mind???s eye become more grey and less colorful and the real sadness....we accept living in the Matrix...being programmed..being down the rabbit what do we do to find the Awe again...for me I believe...I have faith...I visualize a new tomorrow...I have even bigger Dreams....I continue to meditate and send out intentions and know they will return, but realize maybe in a fashion that is right for me....I seek adventure...I seek out new people and new places....I create constantly...I don???t believe in age, Disease, or ill health...I believe where I am offers me my greatest opportunities....then when things matter how small....I AM IN AWE... b well Coaching Consulting Workshops Speaking