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How we view one another....

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NAVAGATORS HANDBOOK: As a researcher I observe people and how they interact with one another.  Here are my findings, accurate and cause for alarm.  It seems that people interact with one another based on how they feel about that person, as well as how they feel about that person's politics.  I have noticed that without sufficient information and having all the facts people are ready to form a judgement on another, usually resulting in a negative view and a not so positive public opinion. I don't recall this happening many years ago while I was growing up. So what does this tell us about today's people? It tells me that we are all targets to others that have strong personal views, it tells me that fact check is a thing of the past, it tells me that discrediting another's character is open for grabs, that it's a narcissistic world, and much more unfavaorable direction that people are willing to go. In psychology there is a referance that state, for example, if you say someone killed another, the general public will always believe that and not ever get that out of their minds, pretty bad.

Please consider my observations and comment back. I will share that in another blog.

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The Secret Steps

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In the book, The Secret, it makes it very clear how to manifest anything in your life. The universe has no matter what you want, it will return most anything. Ask, Believe, and Receive. So asking is nothing more than being clear what you want, a dollar is no different than a million. The believing is nothing more than thinking, speaking, and acting as if you already have it. The universe will then be able to arrange people, events, and situations that will come into your life in order to receive your intention. Receiving is just that, usually in a short period of time. Start small and work your way up to larger wants. It�??s not complicated. Practice, practice, practice. Contact me anytime for coaching or consultation.

Consultation/Coaching Available

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The world is changing in so many different ways, and at a pace that is hard to keep up with. The Universe is aspiring us to look more deeply at enlightenment as our planet is going through a resetting period. This creates some difficulties for people in many areas of their lives, as more and more people are seeking out coaches, as guides, to assist in the transition of the times. If you feel some uncertainty in your life, and would like to experience more clarity and understanding in your transformation, I am available to provide Coaching and or Consultation. Please feel free to contact me anytime. I look forward to assisting with your transformation. You can reach me through Be Well John Zegar

Collapsing Matter...

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As I understand it collapsing matter into energy is the intended result, where as you remove three dimensional reality and enter the unified field of collective energy and infinite possibilities. In linear time you are subject to the laws of Newtonian Mechanics and trying to move matter with matter, while in Quantum Mechanics energy can collapses matter and manifest your intentions through thoughts and emotions allowing the event to find you. Our ability to become no one, no where, and in no time means we are then pure consciousness, or now in the unified field of possibilities. When we un attach from this material world and collapse the particle into wave we are then able to self heal. Practice your daily meditation of being no one, no where, and in no time, and collapse your reality into pure healing. bwell out there. YOUTUBE IHEARTRADIO Consultation/Coaching

Your struggles are your perceptions

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Your struggles and difficulties in life are in your perceptions, its that simple. Whether your life is going well and you are rich in abundance, love, and joy, or your life sucks and its a constant battle to overcome the struggles and difficulties, it all lies in your perceptions of life as you see it. Disease is the same thing, you perceived life with disease and you fulfilled that intention. Relationships, career, housing, anything, it just doesn't matter, how you perceive is what you get, as simple as how you perceive your body image is what you get. I ask you to consider this, meditate on how you perceive life and see if their the same IHEARTRADIO YOUTUBE Consultation Coaching

Reprogramming for success

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Research seems to indicate that people live their lives according to the programming they received at an early age. You are given a belief system of how life will be and generally you will follow it to the tee, for better or worse. Kinda like sheep or the blind leading the blind. When you feel your life is in conflict with your thinking it�??s about time to get new programming. The problem with that is people don�??t believe all that programming stuff and that your not a computer, so you continue to live a miserable life, hoping something from your outside world changes your life for the better. Problem is it doesn�??t work that way. Reprogramming for success simply is changing how you think, act, and feel, in others word becoming someone different. Can you block out all the negatives thoughts you have in one day, we�??ll that is what needs to happen, but for every day until you are able to rewire your neurons. It�??s that simple but people are too lazy and don�??t believe it works, so you get to keep your disease and your life of lack. Maybe success in another lifetime.

Angry and Hostile People

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It is called Aggressive Personality Disorder with Impulsive tendencies and is derived from a variety of other mental health issues ranging from Paranoid Schizoid, Narcissistic Personality disorder, and a big one would be Borderline Personality Disorder to mention just a few. It can be found in the DSM-IV and can be found to exhibit 1. pervasive patterns of negativistic attitudes of resistance to demands for adequate performance in a variety of contexts, 2. Impulsive aggression 3. unstable affect 4. aggressive responses and much more. Further traits may include making one�??s own misery, inability to analyze problems, blaming others, turning bad feelings into anger and rage, attacking people, lacking empathy, using anger to gain power, confusing anger with self esteem, negative self talk, and much more. All this creates problems in areas of academic, employment, financial, legal, and relationships. They respond to disappointment and frustration with intense emotions like rage, fear of abandonment, dysphasia, and impulsive aggression. From a neuroscience perspective the most always up regulate a disease that they believe cannot be cured which only fosters more anger and rage and thus more disease. They are not open to possibilities. It is sad to watch these people self destruct and believe the world and people are against them. There is no self humor and view life, events, and people as an all or none proposition. They will isolate to reduce stimulation. So much more in their dynamics but enough be said.

Law of Attraction worked...

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Yesterday I meditated and asked to manifest some added money I needed and within hours I received money I had given a friend some time ago and was offered a job. All this happened in a matter of the same day. I was not specific about how or where the money would come from, but none the less it manifested. My thought was how did that happen and what if anything did I do differently. Here�??s what I arrived at, first I was sincere in my asking the universe and secondly I firmly believed it was time behind the request for it to occur. I had heightened emotions about the need and could only see my request as an outcome. There was no I�??ll intent in mind. It was not asking just for asking sake. I have always wanted a flats boat and usually spend my winters on the salt and yesterday I saw a flats boat here where I live in Colorado and have never seen one here ever before....what might that mean.. Seems that my energy level is up as are my vibrations....


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Now that you have moved mostly away from the Newtonian three dimensional world of past, present, and future, you understand infinite possibilities exist in the eternal now, staying present, and becoming no one, in no place, and in no time. When looking at the world with no time, it becomes easier to understand everything is now. You are living your past now and you can change it if you want, you are also living your future and it can be anything you design. The secret is to keep everything now. Being in the eternal now you are in the unified field where infinite possibilities exist, you are with source, you are with infinite knowledge and consciousness. You are in your operating system, the subconscious. You now are able to increase your energy, frequency, and vibrations to manifest your world�??s long and bwell IHEARTRADIO Available for consultation/coaching


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Your energy field attracts back what your intentions are and or what you are trying to manifest, this impacts your ability to be Healed or not. Couple things need to happen to enlarge your energy field, you need to feel the gratitude of all you have and imagine already have received your desires, second you need to be pure other words not being attached to this three dimensional world of person, place, and time. Once your energy field shrinks you become more matter and particle and less energy and wave. Your thoughts control your Biology and Chemistry and Genes. Living in Survival will not make anything happen. Practice Gratitude and becoming pure consciousness and you will Self Heal.


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