Posted on September 10, 2018 at 10:05 AM
COMMON SENSE NEUROSCIENCE: POSSIBILITIES in my mind r endless..sometimes I don???t even think how things will occur because I just know they is an example...I have none but yet I spend and act as if I am financially secure which I am not by a long shot.....I don???t live in a fantasy world but a world of possibilities...I don???t play make believe...but believe in a ???Greater Intelligence??? inside me that is calling the shots....I believe the universe is plotting a solution for me always...I believe there r laws of the universe and we must follow them....I attract what I think and where my energy is...I understand what negative will bring me....I understand my purpose is to b of service to others....I have no blocks only old beliefs I continue to remove and put in place new creative beliefs...I manifest what I want and and draw a life to me that I desire...I am Blessed far beyond my expectations and give Gratitude life living in the back of my truck for ten years with no full of possibilities..... IHEARTRADIO YOUTUBE Consulting, Coaching, Workshops,Speaking

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