Posted on October 8, 2018 at 8:00 AM
COMMON SENSE NEUROSCIENCE: BLOCKS to our success or progress r hidden in our subconscious & the result of our programming early in childhood...we r given beliefs & perceptions that impede our growth because they r in conflict with our personal thoughts...for example we may have a negative view of authority or a gender or feelings about wealth and abundance that keep us from advancement at work....sometimes we may feel we need to put our heels in the ground over an issue & we don???t even know why we r so adement about it...old subconscious beliefs r in conflict with our current thinking...this is why working on old beliefs & programming is so impedes forward movement....whenever we feel conflict in our lives it is usually us trying to override the old beliefs....blocks r a nasty thing, ugly, & sometimes difficult to identify...not to b down on urself about them...but attempt to identity them as early as possible & acknowledge those beliefs belong to another person & r not urs...blocks r normal as we go through life & can b removed in short order allowing us the freedom b ourselves & enjoy a happy & joyful life...BWell Coaching Consulting Workshops Speaking IHEARTRADIO YOUTUBE

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