Posted on October 9, 2018 at 10:40 AM
COMMON SENSE NEUROSCIENCE: RELEASEING CONTROLL is an issue for a lot of people....most feel safer when they sense themselves in control...having the last word or being outspoken or directing family & friends thinking u r being helpful...controll come from fear of the unknown....not knowing u will b able to deal with a situation, event, or person...u may have tried releasing control when u we???re younger & had a bad experience...ur anxiety may have become it shut u down to try that a child u may have watched a certain parent or adults model being in control & those control figure seemed to have more power, but lacked in personal growth....maybe u were at an amusement park with ur family & could not go on a ride because it would be too scary & u would not be in u lost out on all the fun...trying to live without being in controll is very confusing...the rewards only come when u release ur control & trust the universe to provide for u, love, & nurture will keep u safe, but requires risking...u have all the abilities & talent needed....meditate & see urself free & without boundaries...loving, giving, &. blessing just the way u r....BWell I realize u don???t give often but the next time u do contribute any amount to my PayPal

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