Collapsing Matter...

Posted on November 16, 2020 at 8:45 PM
As I understand it collapsing matter into energy is the intended result, where as you remove three dimensional reality and enter the unified field of collective energy and infinite possibilities. In linear time you are subject to the laws of Newtonian Mechanics and trying to move matter with matter, while in Quantum Mechanics energy can collapses matter and manifest your intentions through thoughts and emotions allowing the event to find you. Our ability to become no one, no where, and in no time means we are then pure consciousness, or now in the unified field of possibilities. When we un attach from this material world and collapse the particle into wave we are then able to self heal. Practice your daily meditation of being no one, no where, and in no time, and collapse your reality into pure healing. bwell out there. YOUTUBE IHEARTRADIO Consultation/Coaching

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