Posted on October 21, 2018 at 7:10 AM
COMMON SENSE PSYCHOLOGY: POSSIBILITIES...we all have them but we don???t use them...we all talk about them but act as if they don???t exist...we might dream about them but never achieve them...our lives r full of possibilities but we act as if we r deprived and starved of well being...ignorance is an amazing thing seldom talked about...u say u r fully informed and an inlightened being and steadfast in ur beliefs, values, & politics..ha ha....there is information out here on the web from some amazing individuals with ideas, creations, & realizations that u need to here but won???t stop long enough to read and listen because ur so well informed about life already.. how could anybody offer u another insight u don???t already in the Matrix...running off of a programs u think is life and enjoying being down a rabbit hole...superficially living ur life and portraying love and compassion works while at a cocktail party...but ask urself why people live over seventy percent of their time in stress, depression, and anxiety...why is there Disease..the streets of Paris and LA r lined with tents of homeless people who r allowed to deficate on the sidewalks...Speaking diversity, intolerance, and aggression is normal reurteric today..while fulfilling ur role as a soccer unacceptable...ur assignment is to write ???compassion??? on the blackboard one hundred times...but then no one reads my blogs and listens to my podcasts anyway...u might get enlightened...

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