Where do our personalities come from..

Posted on November 28, 2018 at 9:10 AM
Do u think ur personality is like ur mother???s or father???s or a bit of both...where do u think ur personality came from and how was it developed...well, it also is part of ur belief system that u acquired as a small watching ur mother and father u started to mimic some of their traits, behaviors, actions, moods, temperament, and eventually their personalities. U accepted the belief that I am the son or daughter of my parents, therefore I am just like them..u reached a point in ur development that u bought the bill of good..u accepted the belief I am very much like them..u may have watched their anger, jealousies, selfishness, self centeredness, love, compassion, gratitude, happiness, success, failures..just all the moods and behaviors they had and incorporated some or a lot of that into who u is not is yet another belief system u accepted and soon it became hard wired into who u may have caused u some turmoil or maybe a lot of happiness...depends....ur personality eventually became a program that u run by, and possibly there r times u r trying to override it because it is in conflict with who u want to b...I have heard it said that u can???t change ur personality...well u is a set of neuron connections that can b pruned apart and rewired into becoming someone else...sounds weird but it???s not..we need to stop being uncomfortable and start living a happy and joyful life...this journey through life is not meant to be a struggle and no it does not require psychotherapy and years of treatment...neuroscience can explain the science and do the reprogramming...b well I am always available for Coaching/Consultation

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