Posted on October 18, 2019 at 8:40 AM
Now that you have moved mostly away from the Newtonian three dimensional world of past, present, and future, you understand infinite possibilities exist in the eternal now, staying present, and becoming no one, in no place, and in no time. When looking at the world with no time, it becomes easier to understand everything is now. You are living your past now and you can change it if you want, you are also living your future and it can be anything you design. The secret is to keep everything now. Being in the eternal now you are in the unified field where infinite possibilities exist, you are with source, you are with infinite knowledge and consciousness. You are in your operating system, the subconscious. You now are able to increase your energy, frequency, and vibrations to manifest your world´┐Ż??s long and bwell IHEARTRADIO Available for consultation/coaching

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