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 Having spent many years working with people, owning my own businesses, being a real estate broker and international trading broker, as well as assisting with the growth of companies around the world, and casting a fly with clients, I welcome any chance to explore new opportunities.  If you or your company have an interest in my knowledge and diverse background please contact me with any requests.  

 I am personally available for services in the areas of Colorado real estate investing, buying and selling, importing/exporting, coaching, guiding, & wellness.  

 Currently, I am working actively in real estate in Colorado with many clients. With such a strong market, now seems like a great time for people to buy or sell.  I look forward to meeting with you very soon.  Please feel free to contact me any time with your listings or buying needs. 

Other Services: 

 International trading for all your importing/exporting needs. 

 Individual Wellness Coaching, Evaluation and Assessment of a person's 'Desire for Wellness'. 

 Business Wellness Coaching/Consulting, Evaluation and Assessment of employee moral, management interaction with staff, and ownership approach to longevity of company.  

 Lectures on Cognitive Research and Wellness available worldwide.  A systematic approach to steps we can take that will lead us to better and enhanced 'Wellness'.  

 If you are an individual anywhere in the world that has an interest in seeking wellness coaching, that is not counseling or therapy, lets talk further about how it can enhance your growth.  Sign up for an assessment and evaluation of your 'Desire for Wellness'.

 If you are a company that is searching for how to take your business to the next level, regardless of where you are in the world, then lets talk further about enhancing your success.  I offer an assessment and evaluation of employees, management, ownership, and company's direction for 'Wellness' resulting in higher production/capital.  

 Continued success and wellness come from experiencing life to the fullest.  This is your journey through life that you create.  Our thoughts are our direction and destiny.  We are very powerful energy sources that can obtain a reality that is rich and rewarding.

 I am very easy to access and look forward to our soonest opportunity to meet and discuss your direction.

 Lastly, in building this company to help people with a wide range of services, I welcome and encourage financial support in any amounts sent directly to my Pal Pal account at  Please contribute generously. 

 All costs and fees are individually assessed on services provided.

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