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Building a project like this for the study of Cognitive Research and Wellness requires the help of people like you, both frequenting our website, becoming a member, and your generous financial support.  I would encourage you to donate any amount or become a regular donor by making contributions to my Pay Pal account at

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We are our Thoughts

What we think is where we will be, our thoughts will become our reality.  Imagine that, we can direct our destiny, and for the better or worse.  We are energy cells inside these bodies that also have a brain and soul.  We are capable of interacting (communicating) with all other energy forms throughout the universe.  What would happen if we connected to all that other energy sources and directed our outcomes, would be pretty amazing.  Well the future is here now if you want to use it.  Here is an example:

What if your bad day was a welcome experience and something you wanted to encounter.  It would then not be a negative experience.  What if you had something you did not want to do and you changed it to 'I can't wait for that experience'.  It would not be something negative any longer.  We have the ability to change our thoughts into positive experiences resulting in reality. What if you were given an unfavorable result and you changed it to what an opportunity and door that it opened.  

Next how do we make our minds stronger. 

Reality is relative..

Everyone experiences a little different reality based on their perception of thoughts.  In other words what one person perceives another may not.  If an event occurs and it is not a pleasant experience for someone, another person could experience that same event and it is perceived as something positive.  It is partially how we frame it.  Each person may be in the same event but frame the occurrence  differently, thusly different realities and outcomes.  Pretty basic concepts. Now you might ask, how can I perceive things (reality) more positively?  By connecting our thoughts (energy) to an outcome more positive possibly through the use of other more positive energy sources in the universe.  Ponder on that for a while and I will talk about it further another time.  This ultimately is how we make our minds stronger and end up with what we want.  

Fly Fishing Guide

Over the past years I have spent my summers being a fly fishing guide up in RMNP and it has been the best experience I can imagine.  I have found it to be good for the mind and good for the soul.  Wellness comes in many forms and can take on different ideas for people.  If you decide, some time with me for wellness coaching is what you need,  it could very well be through the median on the water.  Please contact me if this interests you, and if you feel well already, maybe you just need some lessons on your casting.  I am always easy to access.

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